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Why Spectron?

    1.You'll Work in a Growing Industry

    Most objects in our daily life depend on RF filters to transmit data. From handsets to small wearable devices, and Internet of Things. The advent of 5G era is going to bring a market sized up to $28 billion by 2025. You will transform the wireless industry at Spectron.

    2.You Will Work At The Silicon Valley Of China

    Spectron HQ is located in China ‘Sillicon Valley’ – Shenzhen. Our main office resides at New Generation Industrial Park, which is the home of 5G professionals who lead the development of the wireless industry. The industrial park is harbored in an ecosystem that hosts Starbucks, InJoy, and Meilin Recreation Center, all of which provide an oasis to refresh from a busy day.

    3.Work with People Who Love What They Do

    We are a team of young, active and aspirational people who are from Europe, Americas, and Asia. The diversity in our backgrounds not only brings a distinctive global vision for business development, but also infuses the teamwork with innovation. Get onboard and be part of our team -- we will overcome any challenge and rise to the top. 

    4.Great Career Opportunities Ahead

    At Spectron, it’s not just a job, it’s a career you’ll love. Spectron’s management recognizes the excellence of our employees by inserting them in a talent management program. In this program, we individualize the solution based on your strengths and your development needs. We are here to help our employees achieve the career goals either through a management track or a professional track.

    5.The University of Spectron

    From time to time, The University of Spectron hosts various ‘IUR’ (Industry – University - Research) seminars to make sure our employees keep up to date with the latest advancements. Being part of the Spectron family, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the industry trend through in-person meetings with Spectron’s world renowned experts. You will get trained to harness research advancements and lead the industry development. 

    6.Employee Benefits

    Spectron management recognizes the hard work of its employees. We provide competitive packages including comprehensive employee benefits. At Spectron, we encourage to innovate and reward those who excel. We also have an ESOP plan to recognize the excellence of our employees.